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It is the dream of every hardcore Clash of Clans player to get many coins and gems because it makes winning battles easier. It is not possible for most players to purchase these gems, coins, and other necessities required for playing the game. You can’t just waste your hard-earned money on buying game supplies, no matter how much you love the game. The only other apparent option is to play tirelessly in order to get those resources. To avoid wasting so much effort on just a game, people try to create numerous hacks for different games so that players can enjoy playing them without any hassle.

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As candidates become more and more advanced in the art of interviewing and in order to stand out they need to find creative ways to wow the company they apply for. That is why HR needs to step up their game as well and find new ways of attracting candidates that truly fulfill the job requirements and are fit for the company. Ho let’s find out both how a candidate can impress through creativity and an HR representative could hook candidates by using animation in the recruitment process:

1.     In Game CV and Recruitment


Robbi Leonardi took the internet by storm with his creative game-like resume and let’s be honest: what better way to showcase your talent in design and animation and pass the technical part of the interview with flying color than doing this? Keeps the viewer curious to go through the whole adventure of his skills and it sticks to you whether you’re a recruiting agent or a simple John Doe.

From a recruiter’s perspective this might prove a bit more tricky, but not impossible. When they failed to find the front end developer they were looking for, the Danish company Uncle Grey resorted to tackling candidates inside their favorite game : Team Fortress 2. They asked professional gamers to act as their sponsors and post on all walls within game the “Wanted developer” poster in order to catch their eye.


2.     The Interactive Website


Candidates can easily tailor a website to their needs and make animations that characterize them in order to better express themselves and make themselves better understood by the recruiter at hand. Colors, patterns and design are at their fingertips and only their imagination is their limit

When you work as a recruiter and you need to make a job look attractive, a simple text is often no longer enough, especially if it comes with a long list of responsibilities followed by a short one of benefits. The issue is generally with budget in such cases, but we all know exceptions can be made. All you need is a website and someone capable enough to be able to animate the position that you need filled. The page needs to express this through movement, colors and last but not least, text. Make the page intuitive and easy to use and promote it. Then simply enjoy the applications.

3.     The Online Quiz


Sounds boring right? From a candidate’s perspective it’s exciting because it represents a challenge. It is a creative opportunity to let you get to know him through questions and he can pose questions to you that lead you to his resume.

So can HR. A quiz doesn’t need to be boring and it helps a lot in a first round of candidate selection. Animated questions can determine the candidate’s path through the website and if he is the right type of personality, then he will be guided to the upload page where he can leave the CV for you to further analyze. Sounds complicated if you don’t have designing abilities or programming abilities but a lot of companies outsource these types of needs and companies such as Qudos Animations are more than happy to respond with an offer.

4.     Ads


As weird as it sounds it actually works. A copywriter wanted a job so much at a big advertising agency that he made separate Google ads for each of the creative directors from the biggest advertising brands in the world that popped up when they Googled themselves, returning the first result as the candidate’s CV.

Might be more tricky as a recruiter because you have to know your target audience really well. Companies like Schneider Electric for instance, only recruit candidates with matching personality traits to their code of conduct and internal credo, not being impressed by a candidate’s resume if he or she doesn’t pass the soft skills test. So how to get their attention through ads?

Google and Facebook are the most commonly used channels for such actions. To go beyond, once the ad is accessed, an animated movie could let them know what the job and company are all about. The video can be interactive with a pop-up “Join Us” button at the end, leading candidates to the official company website where they can subscribe.

5.     Make an Animated Candidate Profile

Simple digital animations involving buttons and effects can make applying and getting enthusiastic about a job really easy. It hooks candidates and spikes their interest to join mainly because it shows out of the box thinking and a company that not only is different but also lets some space for innovation. The young candidate generations like to engage with the role they are applying for, in order to assess their compatibility. The profile could connect to social media accounts and take the candidate through a series of choices that he has to make in order to assess compatibility. This makes everything much more fun and engaging.

6.     Gamify

According to a study made by the entertainment software association in 2015, the average game player is 35 years of age who spend an average of 6 hours playing different types of games. One of these is a game on an app what uses beacons placed around the city for players to find and take over. People love to play, love to put their mind to work and solve puzzles and get the satisfaction of finding the final clue so why not turn your job hunt into a treasure hunt? Just giving you some food for thought here and will only add that animated applications combine nicely with reality.

7.     Digital Screen Animations


You’ve surely seen all those Coca Cola commercials where they use screens to animate actions and translate their consumer’s actions with the help of Kinect into super heroes or funny characters. Any company has digital screens so surprise your candidates! Walk them to the interview room that by chance has a digital screen and turn on the screen with an animated story that interacts with the candidate and lets him set the path of the story. This is an excellent way to take his or her mind off the fact that it’s a job interview and get a more honest approach upon their character and personality.



So there you have it, a lot of ways to make recruitment fun for both parties so don’t wait for employees to look you up. Extend a welcoming hand in an unusual manner and if their curiosity is brought to life, you have made the first step into fully engaging your next employee.

List of 3 Famous and Best Weight Loss Pills 2016

Are you in search for some weight loss pills? Well, today there are millions of people who have a strong faith in the weight loss pills and the benefits given by such medications. For this sake, through this post, we will be putting forward the world’s best weight loss pills 2016 name’s for the readers!

Top 3 Famous and Best Weight Loss Pills 2016:

  1. PhenQ:

This is known out to be one of the best weight loss pills 2016 all over the world. You can take it as one of the most top powerful weight loss supplements that would be helping you in getting the slim and healthy body shape. You would be finding the magical results in the weight loss in just one month. It is useful enough in burning the greater percentage of fats in the body. You would be eating less food after the use of these pills. This pill does have the ability in which it would be blocking the production of fat and will give your mood with booting up the energy level.

List of 3 Famous and Best Weight Loss Pills 2016

  1. Phen375:

On the next of our list we will be adding up the name of Phen375! It is the natural fat burner, and hence, one of the best weight loss pills 2016. This pill does not only have the quality of increasing the fat burning level of your body, but it even increases your body metabolism. On the daily basis intake of these pills, you would be consuming less amount of calories. It is safe to use and would not be giving any side effects to the body afterward.

  1. Garcinia Cambogia Extra:

This product pill is presently mentioned to be one of the renowned fat burners. This medicine has been used by the millions of the people. This pill is available with the raspberry ketone that can make the body fat.

So these were the top 3 famous and best weight loss pills 2016 that can help you at the best in losing your weight quickly and in a healthy way! Try with this weight loss pills now and figure out the perfect weight loss in just one month!

A bench-top table saw or a portable saw sis the same as to what comes to your mind when you hear the name. These sorts of the saw are a lighter variation when compared with the customary table saw that sits on your bench-top. Irrespective of whether you keep it fixed to your work bench, or if you work it out of your truck, a bench-top table saw is indeed a valuable, extremely effective instrument.

 Among other manufacturers, Dewalt provides many respectable ranges of bench top table saws that give a high-end performance at reasonable price range. When you purchase from their different ranges, it means better chances of maintaining your investment in the equipment as you can buy Dewalt replacement parts if anything goes wrong.

Based on the kind of job you do, these saws’ features can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Dewalt dwe7491rs table saw

Here are some of these advantages:

They are Light & Compact: Since the bench-top saws have a compact footprint than regular table saws, you can easily carry them anywhere and you can utilise the Dewalt dwe7491rs table saw for all intents and purposes anyplace. This is able to provide you with more flexibility from a saw that can even now make sensible top notch cuts. It also means that the table top is not as spacious as you would like it to be. Moreover, the saw’s cutting limit is restricted by that cramped space.

They are Cheaper: Cheap price tags on most bench-top table saws especially that of the Dewalt dwe7491rs table saw make them be an extraordinary choice for beginner carpenters and for the individuals who need an extra saw for travelling. Since they are lightweight and easy to use means that the saws have a smaller, less powerful, all inclusive engine. Despite the fact that the force generated is enough for light to medium tasks, it isn’t proficient; hardwoods and thick bits of stock can be hard to get past. Asides from this the noise created     these saw is quite loud. Without further ado, price estimates for bench top saws come in the price range of $350 – $1600. Saw that is on the higher-end of this value range are available near the conventional builder saws, so it may be that you plan to spend more, it is worthwhile looking into a contractor saws too.

Summary: Inferable from both size and force confinements, bench top saws can likewise be less precise than bigger, more costly counterparts. Although incredible steps have been made to enhance the capacities of job site saws, everything on the market right now has aluminium table tops, smaller fences, and is by and large less power which can add to precariousness while cutting. Irrespective of that, they provide convey pace and precision to your job site. They also close down the offers from the base models as well. Indeed, even with a couple of inadequacies, in the event that you have to make great cuts outside of your workshop, there isn’t a superior product than a portable bench top table saw.

What Is Bowel Cancer

Cancer bowel is a term generally used for defining cancer which has its root in the large bowel. This type of cancer is also well known by the name of rectal cancer or colon cancer in medical terminology. Bowel cancer can also begin from small bowels as well but such cancer is of very rare type and does not occur so often. On the other hand, large bowel cancer bowel condition is most common sort of cancer found in the patients, especially in the UK and its citizens.

Identifying Bowel Cancer


Though it is very hard and almost impossible to diagnose this type of cancer in its primary stage, but paying attention to some of the conditions seriously can effectively prevent or diagnose the disease effectively. There are three main signs of bowel cancer which can be enumerated as;

  • Blood in stools which is also known as faeces.
  • Abdominal pain or tummy pain
  • change of bowel routine, such as frequent or loose stools

cancer bowel

However, having these conditions does not means that a person is suffering from bowel cancer for sure, as these symptoms are very common and blood stool condition can also persist because of haemorrhoids or piles as well. Similarly, change of bowel habits can also emerge as a result of wrongful intake.

Thus confirming the cancer condition in the bowel region can be followed by some of other clinical proceedings such as ultrasound of the complete abdomen, endoscopy and PET test.

When It Is Needed To Be Consulted With Doctor

  1. When anyone is near the age group of 60 years of above
  2. A processed and red meat as an essential part of meal along with low fibre diet
  3. When anyone is already suffering from obese conditions or overweight
  4. Have habit of drinking and smoking or even have a history of such things
  5. The family history of this type of cancer with close relatives, such as mother, father, sister or brother, who developed the cancer bowels condition at the early age of 50. Such people are more prone to this disease.
  6. Other bowel affecting conditions such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease etc.
  7. Any of the three symptoms enumerated above

People having any of the conditions and symptoms are seriously required to go through under the detail medical checkup, in a way to diagnose this lethal disease at the right time, so that it can be cured effectively.

Prevention and Treatment

It is necessary to diagnose this disease in its primary or even more initial stage because it becomes very arduous to control and treat this ailment if it spreads out in more than one organ. Though it is not completely incurable but yet with a very low success rate as it is often detected at very late stage. Hence in a way to cure this disease effectively, it is strongly advised to the people to go through under the detailed medical examination right after crossing the age of 45. In case, diagnosed with this disease it can be treated through three methods, according to the condition of the disease:

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy

As an independent truck driver, when you contacted the law firm, you have to consider when you are involved in any incident. The cost of hiring them is up to you. Usually, insurance fees and lawyer fees are included. If you are working with an experienced trucking lawyer, you can avail some of the important benefits as you would when you have got insurance coverage. There are lots of reasons why you need to hire trucking lawyers. Here are some of the reasons when you are in need.

A trucking lawyer will be helpful to resolve problems that may arise whether you are a contracted trucker or a regular employee of a transport company. For drivers who are direct employees, the lawsuits can be costly. But a lawyer ensures avoiding confusions and can help you in all aspects. They can also favor the plaintiff and avoid hefty lawsuits. When it comes to deal with any specific stipulations, a truck accident lawyer may help you on big truck insurance.

trucking lawyers

A trucking lawyer may also be helpful for you to know your choices when it comes to a lawsuit. They can provide proper consultations for cases to teach what you can do and avoid serious problems. They can represent you in the court. They can help you handle any situation properly on yourself if the truck accident cases are less serious. A truck accident lawyer is important to hire, and you need to ensure choosing the most experienced and reputed lawyer in order to attain success in representation. You need to ask yourself whether your case is serious so you can hire a lawyer. You can handle minor fault issues without the intervention of the lawyer. If there is a serious accident occurs, you don’t know how to handle this complex process. This way you need to consider these factors while hiring the truck accident lawyer.


How successful was the lawyer in representation and has the lawyer experience in representing any other trucker in the past? The higher success rate and experience are, the better. You can win the case more easily when you hire an experienced lawyer. You can effortlessly make a winning strategy and simplify the process in every way.


In the public domain, you need to consider the rating a lawyer maintains along with the success rate. You may consider using reviews and ask your friends for referrals and find a reputable trucking attorney who can represent you in the court successfully. When it comes to choosing a law firm, you need to go for the one that has great reputation and team of reliable attorneys working consistently.


Be sure to hire the lawyer services that can effortlessly save money in the lawsuit. Make sure not to settle for a lawyer that is charging service fees which are exorbitant.

A lot of truckers are used to speed up for higher profit and timely delivery of goods. But they should take their time stay safe from all the troubles.

are you looking for 3 stylish hairstyles for women over 50 that will make them look pretty? This post will help you guide through all the tutorials related to your queries and doubts relevantly.


We all know that hairstyles are something that makes s woman looks worthy of her beauty to look at. No matter how much older she becomes her way of stylish her hair remains fresh and unique in every way. Girls in their early age began to reinvent their hair so why they won’t stop even they turned into 50’s? Age is just a number that take you through one step further into maturity. But the reality is different you are as young as much you feel about it no one can stop you from that. All you ladies out there who do not let the age factor come between in their fashion sense and still going strong as young.

Fashion has become the modern world’s formality which needs to complete in so many ways. Fashonik is good source for knowing the latest fashion trends.There are many women who stop making their hair or try new innovative ideas on their hair because it is not appropriate to do so. But literally you are stopping your most desired thing and letting it slip from your hands try to hold it as much as you can.

With that being said below we listed some real facts about 3 stylish hairstyles for women over 50 that will make them look pretty to help you understand how is it possible that a woman can maintain a hairstyle in this age, and why these hairstyles will certainly bring back your old beauty days.


Also you would like to read 15 superb voguish updos for long hair 2016

  • How is it possible that a woman can maintain a hairstyle in this age?


If there is small glamour left in your beauty after all these days then you can’t give up that easily. After all you don’t; want to lose your touch no matter what you keep trying and let your inner happiness come out and do whatever you want. Women with age have more experience than girls in fashion.

  • Why these hairstyles will certainly bring back your old beauty days?


1) Short golden hairdo style:

This is one hairstyle that every woman will go after regardless of her age. It is simple, sweet, and short. First you need to comprise your hair with bob style and then let loose your hair your charm will never get lost remain modern as you want because it is fun to be old.

2) Salt and pepper bob with fringe style:

Bob hairstyle is one those stylish hairstyles that can even give a spark to a woman who is over 50. There is a totally new way with bob this time you can try this salt and pepper with short bob and you can make jealous so many girls with that.

3) Curly short bob with bangs style:

So, you have curls again, don’t worry you just need to become a little daring person and done it bob and frame those curls into beautiful bangs. This will certainly give you a perfect vibe, if you want to take this little further then shaded browns to complete it.

The right wet and dry vacuum cleaner is able to clean up messes ranging from sawdust and plaster in the shop, leaks and spills in the kitchen to carpet disasters and deep cleaning of your rugs. When you consider the price is generally less than for a standard upright vacuum, the wet and dry is a wise investment.

The wet and dry vacuum phenomena has burst onto the market now featuring top brands that are designed to fit all budgets and every need. Some are great in the shop and others do their best work giving your carpet a solid cleaning. Others perform well at any job in any room in the house or the garage.


Prices are dependent on what your needs are. If your use is only occasional and involving light messes, a smaller model can be purchased for under a $100. The heavy duty models run in the range of $200-$400 with large commercial models over $500.

Key Questions to Ask Before Shopping

  1. Will I use the vacuum cleaner often? If you plan on using your vacuum all over the house and for both heavy duty and light weight applications, you’ll be using the vacuum frequently. That means you’ll want a heavy duty vacuum with some sucking power. The larger cleaners are built for regular use but are more expensive.
  2. Where will you be using the machine? If the machine is going to be used for DIY projects in the garage or shop, you’ll need a stronger engine and longer hoses to get into out of the way corners and reach all areas without having to move the vacuum much. You’ll also need a longer power cord than if you’re only concerned with completing jobs like vacuuming up small messes or cleaning the carpets in your car.
  3. How large should the tank be? If you’re only looking at cleaning up small spills and light jobs, the 2-6 gallon units should be fine. If you’re looking at cleaning jobs in the workshop, house, garden or garage, an 8-14 gallon tank should do it. A larger tank would be necessary for commercial use.


If storage is a consideration, make sure that the height and width of the machine are right for the storage space or closet. You may want to look for a model that converts to a blower if you want to do yard or patio cleanup.

If you plan on picking up larger debris, make sure you buy a model with a hose diameter of at least 2 inches. If you suffer from allergies, a HEPA filter traps more than 99% of pollen and other allergy causing dust.


There are many highly respected brands on the market today. I’ve found that sites like Amazon that have customer reviews are a great way to filter out the better brands and to assist in buying the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner for your needs or you can see the best vacuum for stairs.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland makes up the United Kingdom. This is the place where the creators of Romeo & Juliet, Harry Potter, and Sherlock Holmes were born. In the year 2006, UK became the largest publisher of books in the whole world. Talking about music, you would find the roots of The Beatles, Elton John, and Pink Floyd based in the UK. The highest form of art to showcase the culture is the cinema and the contribution of UK in the evolution of cinema has also been tremendous. Alfred Hitchcock, Danny Boyle, Christopher Nolan kind of world renowned movie makers belong to this place. So, you can gauge the depth of knowledge and creativity of people from the achievements of people of UK. So, before getting gifts delivery to UK to your friends there, you should know the people in a better way.

gifts delivery to UK

The people have these following characteristics.

  • Indirect Communication –One of the prime characteristics of the UK is that they love talking indirectly. It may take you some time to understand what they mean and what they are saying. They have a rich cultural background and words are just not enough to understand them. So, you have to know the context and history of their culture to understand them better. As a gift delivery to UK, you can get a painting like “The Baptism of Christ” or “Mars and Venus”.
  • Quiet and Polite behavior – The people of UK are tagged to be the most gentle ones. They are always polite, silent and calm. Very common observation in a restaurant is that once you get into the restaurant you hear a thank you. You place the order; you listen to a thank you. And after you clear your bill, you get to hear a thank you with a gentle smile.
  • Informal attitude –In spite of this baggage of culture, you would find the very informal attitude of people everywhere be it a school, college, or an office. Prefix before a name like Madam or Sir is not at all mandatory and one can call their bosses by their first names and they won’t feel disrespectful. Therefore, you can easily get a personalized coffee mugs or T-shirts as gift delivery to UK.

Therefore, now when you have a rough idea of the people of UK, you can send them gifts like flowers, chocolates, cakes, or anything that speaks of creativity. The people and friends there would be honored to receive them.

Many may find sewing & embroidery as an interesting task or activity which can help an individual to explore the hidden creative talent within. Brother SE400 is a great combination of computerized sewing as well as an embroidery machine. It has proved superb option available for all experienced and beginners. With it use, anyone can create multiple customized tasks and that too in a highly professional and high-end finish. You get the exceptional feature of this machine as a built-in library. Here an individual gets seventy decorative styles and design of embroidery along with 120 design combination of frame moreover five unmatched lettering fonts. You can even import numerous other designs to this machine via a computer system also.

4X4 inch workspace has been provided for the embroidery along with sixty-seven stitching and ninety-eight stitch features. Downloaded designs from the computer can be transferred to the machine via iBroidery.

brother SE400

Brother SE400 embroidery machine is here with numerous distinctive features-

  • Anyone can enjoy widespread stitching features including 4X4” workspace specially meant for embroidery.
  • The machine can be connected to computer easily and thus importing embroidery designs become much simpler and fast via iBroidery. You can even update this device via internet connection for better performance as well.
  • There is the provision of 1 touch thread cutter which works automatically. It slices bobbin moreover thread easily.
  • LCD display is offered for the user to view or access sixty-seven elite stitching stitches along with seventy built-in designs of embroidery.
  • Consumer guide is being provided into two languages.
  • The consumer gets the benefit of 25 yrs warranty of the sold product.
  • The merchandise offers customer support via phone for unlimited years.

Looking such unexceptional features of the Brother SE400 many may be thinking about the benefits which can be availed after purchasing such device. Few pros associated with the machine are mentioned below-

  1. You get the option of horizontal pinnacle thread shipping facility.
  2. Bobbin can be easily set as well as a drop-in.
  3. Computers can be used for downloading the designs and then such designs can be transferred to the machine.
  4. Automatic turning system for the bobbin.
  5. Sewing stitches are built-in.

Besides such advantages, a user can suffer from some drawbacks while using it. The embroidery hoop is less in number. Machine memory is designed to accumulate only 512 kb of data and hence people may not find it sufficient for storing all desired designs.

Brother SE400 embroidery machine is here for making your personalized clothing, towels, curtains etc more customized. It is light weighted and therefore can be carried effortlessly from one place to other. Five monograms designs of fonts will help you in designs personalized items perfectly. The machine works in silent mode and therefore there are no disturbing sounds for others as well. It is completely made up of metal as well as plastic material. This product has gained good rating by people due to its distinctive feature that is not available anywhere else.